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Don't be selfish, save some blame for yourselves

So this is what “The Day After” is like.

Let me start by saying this: I did not vote for Trump. I would rather stab myself in the eye with a handful of uncooked spaghetti than vote for that barely contained sea of festering pus. I also did not vote for Hillary Clinton. Her disregard for the law as it applies to her and her political cronies made that impossible. I honestly felt that to vote for either of those candidates was to purposefully act against the best interests of my country. So I voted for Gary Johnson, not because I felt he was destined to be a great president, but because I felt he was acting the LEAST in his own self-interest out of the three.


Now before you start telling me that Trump’s election is MY fault, and the fault of my fellow- third-party voters (LIKE THIS) I want to clue you in on a little something.

There is only one real reason why Trump won the election: Hillary Clinton.

Why, oh why did the Democratic Party think she was a good candidate? The baggage she had to carry around was STAGGERING! She only got as close as she did BECAUSE her opponent was Donald Trump (which was conceivably part of their plan all along!) No, the Democrats bestowed the candidacy upon the Secretary because it was her “right” or her “turn” or her “due”, but they seemed to ignore the fact that a HUGE number of people in this country hated her! Actively hated.


So even if Trump didn’t even really want to win (plausible, considering the way he campaigned) his base was his no matter what. There was to be no hesitation or shaking of his core followers. All he REALLY needed to do was subtly convince a few of the Hillary Haters (call them what you will) to vote his way, and he could hang his hat on a very narrow defeat and a few months of “it was fixed!” and he would be assured a next-level of fame to carry him through his orange-tinted Golden Years.

But the Democrats fielded such a crappy candidate of their own, that it was a very short trip from narrow defeat to narrow victory for The Donald. Was it really so important to follow-up the first African-American President with the first Woman President, that you ignored the quality of that woman? Any other semi-respectable Republican candidate would have demolished her in this election. Even a card-carrying lunatic like Ted Cruz would have beaten her fair and square without all this popular vote versus Electoral vote nonsense!


So now we are faced with four years of Trump because Hillary was “owed” the Presidency. Because she “paid her dues” and so many people are pointing at the votes Johnson and (to a lesser extent) Stein pulled in and laying the responsibility squarely at the feet of people who very clearly did NOT vote for Trump!

It’s simple, Democrats. If you want to win, convince Joe Biden to run. He would have crushed Trump. Or maybe elevate Tammy Duckworth (congratulations Senator-Elect Duckworth! You ROCK!). Then you get a Female, Minority, Handicaped, Veteran Democrat! Holy crap, it doesn’t get any better than that! Can you IMAGINE how Trump would have reacted to her? Campaigned against her? It boggles the mind.


But no. It had to be Hillary. It had to be gifted to her because it was her right, so some shady people did some shady things and she (barely) got the nomination she has wanted since 1992 and was already packed and ready to move in and forgot that sometimes you need to wait until the race has been run to declare a winner.

So don’t blame me for voting for Gary Johnson. I just wanted to cast a vote without needing a decon kit and extensive therapy afterwards. Don’t blame all the other third party voters who “stole votes from Hillary”. Voting your conscience is what we are SUPPOSED to do. And for crying out loud, don’t blame TRUMP! He could not have run a worse campaign if he had slaughtered and eaten a goat on live television!


No. The finger needs to be pointed right squarely back at yourselves, Clintonites. You chose the one person capable of losing to a moronic, clown-shoe, idiot with delusions of sentience! Maybe you need to spend the next four years finding someone who sucks a little less and has fewer than fifty million people who hate her guts. It’s on you, Democrats. It’s on you, and it always was.

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